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According to the recent claims, the fact of the global warming is groundless. Get cheap custom paper fast

The industrialization of the world triggered by the industrial revolution has helped mankind advance significantly over the last century resulting in better utilization of resources and an overall increase in our living standards. Despite the innumerous advantages the revolution would have bought us, it has also supposedly brought us at the brink of one of the most serious catastrophes of modern times – Global Warming. With a rise in carbon dioxide levels prompted by human activities, particularly the custom paper writing
burning of fossil fuels, the earth’s atmosphere has responded by releasing more greenhouse gases (the greenhouse gas effect) resulting in a steep rise in the planet’s overall temperatures. With the global warming phenomena giving birth to fears of natural disasters such as flooding, drought and overall weather extremities across the globe, the world and its leaders have sought to reduce C02 (carbon dioxide) emission levels globally in recent times.

Scientists believe that global warming has already created a sizable impact on the planet with shrinking glaciers cheap paper writing service
, rising water levels and intense heat waves. They also go on to predict that the effects will continue if human activities continue to emit C02 at the same rate as now, growing exponentially as we move further into the future. However, in recent times a new debate has sprung, with a certain group of scientists claiming that Global Warming many not necessarily be as big a problem as it seems. This assumption is based on the theory that cheap custom paper recent global temperature trends cannot be directly attributable to C02 emissions but are caused by “ocean temperature cycles”. Every 20 or so years, the much colder water at the bottom of the ocean cycles up to the top having a cooling effect on the temperature until the sun effectively warms the water up. The point is further emphasized by the fact global temperatures declined from the 1945’s until the late 1970’s despite increased C02 emission rates stemming particularly from the post-war industrialization of the world

The aforementioned argument further develops into an idea suggesting that the recent global warming may actually make way for a period of global cooling, with some scientist suggesting that we may well be headed towards an actual mini-ice age. The point is further accentuated by the fact that certain parts of Europe have experienced very cold winters in recent times, with Germany experiencing the coldest average temperatures at the start of 2013 in 208 years. The same is also true for countries as far flung as America and Russia who have also experienced particularly cold winters off late.

The statistics speak volumes of the actual state of affairs as far as global warming is concerned custom written paper
, and have even compelled certain staunch believers of the concept to accept that things may not be as bleak as it may appear. One such body, the British Met office, has even gone on to concede that there may be no further warming at least through 2017. This also puts into question the vast variances between the actual realities of world temperatures and the conjectures and projections of the foundation write my paper for me
of the global warming alarmism of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). All the models on which their calculations were based are being actively questioned on accuracy and their assumptions stand debunked.

There is another school of thought which does accept the fact that the world is gradually becoming warmer, but refuses to accept it as an actual problem. The idea stems from the belief that the world is more resistant to climate changes than we think. Plants and animals would successfully adapt to any subtle changes in world temperatures and it is highly unlikely that any thing catastrophic would occur. They also argue that the economic damages caused by controlling C02 levels would eventually be more damaging to the world than global warming or any of its possible effects.

Based on the arguments above, it could be concluded that the possible threat of Global warming is pay to write my paper
no more than a mere myth which would eventually slow down global progress if taken seriously. However, it could be countered, that much of the information on which our assumptions are based is highly subjective and more work is required before a conclusion can be formed. Further work and analyses of the changing environment is required before policies are formulated by governments across the globe. It should also be carefully evaluated as to what effects any new global warming related legislation would have on the economic growth of a country and the welfare of its citizens.